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Here is our tip for today:

There are so many social networking sites available today, but one that we really like and find a valuable social media tool is BranchOut (www.branchout.com) on Facebook. This is a relatively new networking site that we just love because it allows you to connect on a professional level with your friends and your friends’ friends on Facebook in a safe environment, without giving them access to your personal information.  In essence, you can leverage your Facebook friends network to obtain professional leads, whether it be for sales prospects, new career opportunities, or job candidates; and you can do this in a targeted manner, depending on your location, industry, experience, and job title.

When you view a company, you will instantly see where each of your friends work or, better yet, find out where your friends’ friends work. You can further make contacts by asking friends for an introduction. This helps in building strong networks and professional connections.

We suggest you “go out on a limb” and BranchOut to see what business blows your way.

Do you use other social networking sites that have helped you expand your professional connections? We’d love to hear from you.


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